New Moon Meditation with Dawn Behm Tuesday, February 25th 1:30 – 2:30 pm $20 sign up here

The New Moon is a beautiful time to start fresh. Pausing to allow space to tune in and set intentions for the next moon cycle, we give ourselves the gift of awakening out of our habitual patterns. We prepare and create with intention, leading to more of what we desire in our lives.
Join us for this precious time. You will experience 30 minutes of pranayama and moon salutations to prepare our bodies and minds for guided meditation. As we set our intentions, we relax into svasana to be guided through a 30 minute new moon group meditation. With movement and meditation, music and stones, candles and essential oils, we will invite the new cycle to begin with intention and beauty together.
Myofascial Release  with Sara, Friday, 2/21 6:00-8:00 pm $30 sign up here
Come breathe, relax, let go, and make space with a delicious, short yoga practice, followed by a long slow, myofascial release practice, incorporating tennis balls, blocks and other props. Leave feeling refreshed, peaceful, clear,and nurtured.

Harmonic Restoration and Australian Wildlife Rescue Benefit with Michelle Gorman and Joan Uemura Shure

Friday, March 6th 6-8 pm Cash or Check donations only please  preregister here

Unwind from your week, and support the recovery of Australian Wildlife. Join Michelle and Joan for a lovely evening of sound healing and Yin Yoga!
Yin helps cultivate a deeper quiet and self-awareness on and off our mats. This slow, insightful practice, with its soft and meditative approach, allows us to explore deeper layers of all aspects of our being.  Practicing Yin routinely strengthens Yang Yoga practices as well, bringing greater awareness of fine details, inner peace and breath connection.

Thai Yoga Bodywork with Beth MoonBeth

Contact Beth at or 425 891 9632 for more information or to schedule bodywork!


Massage with Betsy MacWhinney 

Contact Betsy at for more information or to schedule a massage!

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