IMG_8693Mother and Daughter Yoga with Michelle Gorman Friday, 11/15  6-7:30 pm  $40 purchase here 

This special workshop is for Mothers and their lovely daughters age 8-12. Bring your special girl and get ready to explore deeper connection and self-care, in this fun, intimate, playful practice. Together we will create positive affirmations, that will empower us on and off our mats. We will flow through a lovely Yoga sequence, turning up the silly in partner poses and tuning into the sweetness of our inherent Mother/Daughter connection through breath work and guided meditation. Through touch, we will strengthen our bonds, with Essential Oil foot massages in Savasana. Come nurture yourself and share this special time and practice with your Girl.

Pre-register as space is limited. Bring a mat and a water bottle.

New Moon Meditation with Dawn Behm Monday 10/28 2:30-3:30 pm 11/26 11-12 pm $20 sign up here

Each New Moon is a beautiful time to start fresh. Pausing to allow space to tune in and set intentions for the next moon cycle, we give ourselves the gift of awakening. Prepare and create with intention more of what we desire in our lives.

Experience 30 minutes of pranayama and moon salutations followed by a 30 minute new moon group meditation. Through movement and meditation, music and stones, candles and essential oils, we will invite the new cycle to begin with intention and beauty together.

Yoga and Oils with Beth and Dawn 11/8, 7-8:30 pm $20 sign up here

The practice of yoga and the use of essential oils are powerful partners in bringing awareness to where we are and what our body, mind and spirit needs to fully thrive. In the Yoga and Oil workshop, you will experience essential oil support in new ways throughout your practice. These oils have been specially chosen to assist in deeper more powerful breathwork, strong grounding, enhanced relaxation, energetic support and creating shifts which bring lightness and vitality to our presence and our day
A Year of Kindness Postcard Party with Artist, Carrie Schmitt and Sara
Saturday, 11/16 2-4 pm
$45 no Stamps $53.20 With Stamps

Join us to spread loving energy one note at a time.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Gather as a community to celebrate the love in our lives
  • Create a list of people who have made a difference in our lives
  • Put our gratitude in action by signing and addressing 52 postcards that already have loving messages on them.
  • Receive a surprise bundle of artsy products.

 Carrie will guide us through

  • A short visualization to reflect on all the love in your life
  • A gentle movement sequence to embody gratitude
  • Tips for how to create your postcard recipient list
  • A closing gratitude blessing 

Pens and light refreshments provided. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks as well.

Something so simple can have a profound impact on someone’s day and even life.

We have the power within us to create magick and miracles. The world depends on us to create a loving universe.

Let’s tell our loved ones we love them as often as we can. 

Thai Yoga Bodywork with Beth MoonBeth

Contact Beth at or 425 891 9632 for more information or to schedule bodywork!


Massage with Betsy MacWhinney 

Contact Betsy at for more information or to schedule a massage!

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