IMG_8693New Moon Meditation with Dawn Behm Friday, 8/30  6-7 pm & Friday, 9/27 12-1:30 $20 purchase here 

The New Moon is a beautiful time to start fresh. Pausing to allow space to tune in and set intentions for the next moon cycle, we give ourselves the gift of awakening out of our habitual patterns. We prepare and create with intention, leading to more of what we desire in our lives.
Join us for this precious time. You will experience 30 minutes of pranayama and moon salutations to prepare our bodies and minds for guided meditation. As we set our intentions, we relax into savasana to be guided through a 30 minute new moon group meditation. With movement and meditation, music and stones, candles and essential oils, we will invite the new cycle to begin with intention and beauty together.

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Water WheelThai Yoga Couples Massage with Beth Moon and Irene Saturday, October 5th from 2- 4:30 pm $70 sign up here

Join us for a Thai couples massage class! Bring a friend, partner, or family member to learn massage techniques you can do at home. Thai massage is a very connected and grounding therapeutic practice that can bring joy, ease, and balance to both the giver and the receiver.

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient sacred bodywork treatment that  is performed on the floor on a mat – fully clothed and oil free.

Through assisted stretching, compression, breathwork, acupressure, and energy line work, this guided partner based session will leave you feeling more balanced, rejuvenated and connected with one another.

Irene Malloch is a licensed massage therapist based in Seattle Beth Moon is a yoga instructor in Duvall who loves Thai Yoga Massage for its deeply relaxing and meditative qualities.

Mother and Daughter Yoga with Michelle Gorman Friday, September 27th from  6-7:15 pm $50 sign up here

This intimate workshop is for Mother’s and their daughters age 8-12. Bring your special girl and get ready to explore deeper connection and self-love, in this fun, special, playful practice. Together we will create positive affirmations, that will empower us on and off our mats. We will flow through a lovely Yoga sequence, turning up the sweetness in partner poses and tuning into our inherent Mother/Daughter connection through breath work and guided meditation. Taking time to care for one another, we will strengthen our bonds, with Essential Oil foot massages and cuddle up in Savasana. Come nurture yourself, share this special time and practice with your precious Girl.

Rebalance and Nourish through Ayurveda  with Cami LeBlanc and Sonia Weireich Sunday, September 29th 1-4 pm $50 Sign up here

Come discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. During this 3- hour work shop, you will explore the 3 primary energies (doshas) that make up our systems and deepen your awareness of the doshas within your unique being. Develop insight on how your movement, diet, environment and even the seasons impact your specific doshas. You will then and leave with the tools to help manage and balance your system to optimize your
health and well-being.


Thai Yoga Bodywork with Beth MoonBeth

Contact Beth at or 425 891 9632 for more information or to schedule bodywork!


Massage with Betsy MacWhinney 

Contact Betsy at for more information or to schedule a massage!

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