IMG_8693New Moon Meditation with Dawn Behm and Sara Tharrington Monday, 7/1  12:30-1:30 pm $20 purchase here 

The New Moon is a beautiful time to start fresh. Pausing to allow space to tune in and set intentions for the next moon cycle, we give ourselves the gift of awakening out of our habitual patterns. We prepare and create with intention, leading to more of what we desire in our lives.
Join us for this precious time. You will experience 30 minutes of pranayama and moon salutations to prepare our bodies and minds for guided meditation. As we set our intentions, we relax into svasana to be guided through a 30 minute new moon group meditation. With movement and meditation, music and stones, candles and essential oils, we will invite the new cycle to begin with intention and beauty together.

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Water Wheel108 Sun Salutations for Peace Summer Solstice Practice with Sara, Friday, June 21st  6-8 pm $20 purchase here

Celebrate Summer with 108, intentional Sun Salutations, devoted to inner peace and sharing that precious energy with the world. Connect with your yoga community, cultivate inner space, and take in the generative, abundant energies of SUMMER! Of course modifications will be offered and sitting in meditation is welcomed! Join Sara for a fun and sweaty 2 hour practice celebrating the Summer Solstice! We will offer up 108 Sun Salutations to our own personal challenges, the folks we love, the precious jewels in life (challenging people etc) and anywhere there is suffering in the world. This ceremony/practice will offer lots of time to warm up and down!



231Mindful Mothers Zen Teens Postponed – Date TBA A Coaching Workshop for Mothers of Teens with Melissa Barnet 

$50 includes workbook, recorded meditation, and 3 Take Home Mindfulness Lessons to Share with your Teens 

In launching Mindful Mothers Zen Teens, my vision is to upset the paradigm of achievement, competition, perfection, and constant state of stress and anxiety that seems to be affecting us all younger and younger.

I want to help moms create the biggest, boldest and best version of their own lives AND to create their legacy of empowered and relentless self-compassion.

To first own it..and then teach it.

Are you ready?

Are you with me?

Come create your legacy


 What gifts are you passing down to your child?

Are you modeling sweetness and ease or stress and achievement?

Is your relationship with your teen changing? Are the parenting tactics you relied on early year not working?

Are you unsure of how to support them? 

How to find that sweet spot that is “just right?”


Enroll today in this Coaching Experience

~Together we will build skills to make us a more Mindful Mother and create a safe space to support one another~

~You’ll gain clarity on all that you want to have be and do in your own life~

~You will learn a new way of talking with your son or daughter~

~You’ll have a new set of tools you can practice using in a safe place~


Because I believe we can change the world one Mindful Mother and Zen Teen at a time

Space is limited, grab a friend and register today!




Thai Yoga Bodywork with Beth MoonBeth

Contact Beth at or 425 891 9632 for more information or to schedule bodywork!


Massage with Betsy MacWhinney 

Contact Betsy at for more information or to schedule a massage!



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