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through September 30th! Commit to your Health, Practice, and Community!

The Yoga Garden will be Closed Saturday 8/30 – Monday 9/1 – Wishing you a fun and restful Labor Day Weekend!

Energy Management and Boundaries 4 Week Intensive! $160 sign up here!

Meets Tuesdays 9/30, 10/7, 10/14, & 10/21 from 4-6 pm at the Yoga Garden

Hone your energy management skills and become more masterful and adept at creating clear, healthy boundaries and identifying energy leaks/drains and our own boundary violations.  In this intensive you will use your yoga toolbox, self inquiry, talking circles, and more to develop a deeper knowing, connection, and respect for your energy, power, gut instincts and how you use them!

Please bring a journal and a pen!


The Yoga Garden is an oasis of community, healing, and love in beautiful downtown Duvall! We are excited to offer yoga 7 days a week, along with massage, workshops, intensives, private yoga sessions, and fun ways to give back and support our community! It is our mission at the Yoga Garden to hold a supportive, safe, and accepting space for you to take the fascinating journey inward…We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

The Yoga Garden is excited to be offering Massage by Skye!!!  To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact her at


Class Schedule

6:30am (V)6:30am (V)6:30am (V)8:00am (V)
9:30am (I)9:30am (B)9:30am (I)9:30am (B)9:30am (I)9:30am (I)9:30am (V)
5:30pm (V)6:30pm (I)6:30pm (I)5:30pm (V)11:00am (B)11:00am (Family)
Alternating Weeks
7:00pm (B)7:00pm (B)
(B) Beginning/Slow Flow -- (I) Intermediate Level 2 -- (V) Vinyasa Level 2-3
All Classes 75 minutes
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