New Moon Meditation with Dawn Behm Friday, January 24th 1:30 – 2:30 pm $20 sign up here

The New Moon is a beautiful time to start fresh. Pausing to allow space to tune in and set intentions for the next moon cycle, we give ourselves the gift of awakening out of our habitual patterns. We prepare and create with intention, leading to more of what we desire in our lives.
Join us for this precious time. You will experience 30 minutes of pranayama and moon salutations to prepare our bodies and minds for guided meditation. As we set our intentions, we relax into svasana to be guided through a 30 minute new moon group meditation. With movement and meditation, music and stones, candles and essential oils, we will invite the new cycle to begin with intention and beauty together.

Crafting your Vision for 2020 and Beyond with Melissa B and Sara, Friday, 1/31 6:00-9:00 pm $45 sign up here
Welcome to the start of a new year, and the perfect time to dream a bit about what you’d like your life to be like. What you’d like to do more of, or less of in 2020 and perhaps even more significant, how you’d like to feel.

When life feels uncertain and things seem out of control it’s wonderful to come together in community and dare to dream. To take time to pause and with intention and ask ourselves:
What would support me this year?
What would help me build resiliency?
How can I create the best version of this day, this month, this year?

Join Sara and Melissa B for an evening of fun community building, creative exploration and the reflecting on your deepest desires and intentions, for this year and beyond.
Together we will explore the idea of setting an intention, take part in a powerful guided meditation, and create vision boxes (like a box shaped vision board) to help anchor our dreams and bring them to fruition.
Friday Jan 31st 6:00-9:00 PM
At the Yoga Garden
$45 includes the cost of materials and refreshments
Grab a friend or loved one and sign up today, space is limited.

Mother and Daughter Yoga with Michelle Gorman Saturday, February 29th, 6-7:30 pm $40 per couple sign up here

This special workshop is for Mothers and their lovely daughters age 8-12. Bring your special girl and get ready to explore deeper connection and self-care, in this fun, intimate, playful practice. Together we will create positive affirmations, that will empower us on and off our mats. We will flow through a lovely Yoga sequence, turning up the silly in partner poses and tuning into the sweetness of our inherent Mother/Daughter connection through breath work and guided meditation. Through touch, we will strengthen our bonds, with Essential Oil foot massages in Savasana. Come nurture yourself and share this special time and practice with your Girl.

Pre-register as space is limited. Bring a mat and a water bottle.

Thai Yoga Bodywork with Beth MoonBeth

Contact Beth at or 425 891 9632 for more information or to schedule bodywork!


Massage with Betsy MacWhinney 

Contact Betsy at for more information or to schedule a massage!

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