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Class Descriptions:

Beginning/Slow Flow

Gift yourself the space to move slowly, breathe, feel, and relax in this gentle, restorative, and sweet meditative practice. Appropriate for anyone from raw beginner to seasoned practitioner, who is interested in slowing down, breathing deep and investigating/embracing daily rhythms and seasonal cycles, while stretching and strengthening in a gentle and deep way.

Intermediate/Functional Yoga

Enjoy an all over body work out designed to connect you with your core, release stress, and cultivate strength and resilience in body, mind, and heart. Explore the variety of movements and shapes your body can make. Practice deep breathing techniques to relax the mind and restore the nervous system.

Core Cultivation

Connect with your center with this focused practice that combines yoga, and elements of Pilates floor work to strengthen and activate your core! Feel aligned, centered, and powerful!

Creative Vinyasa

Embrace your strength, flexibility and creativity, deepen your connection in breath and heart. Refresh your body with creative, intentional sequencing, while you cultivate core strength, balance, and flexibility. Breathe deeply and consciously throughout your practice to quiet your mind and balance your nervous system.

Yin Yoga

The practice of slowing down, turning inward and practicing patience and non-reactivity as we hold poses from 45 seconds to 5 minutes. The long holds help us surrender and quiet the mind while restoring the body by lengthening, hydrating, and creating more pliable tissues. End your practice with a deeply nourishing and relaxing guided meditation.

Yoga Nidra

Sanskrit term meaning “yogic sleep” is a deep relaxation technique and a form of meditation. Yoga Nidra can be practiced lying down in comfortable position. All experience levels welcome!

Ecstatic Dance

Experience free-form movement – allow your body to express without an agenda or concern for aesthetics. It’s a moving meditation practice that merges inner with outer worlds. It encourages and celebrates connection between body and spirit, letting both be you. No dance experience needed! Come play!

Private Yoga Sessions

Dive deeper into your yoga practice with one on one attention, and/or work through life’s challenges using yogic tools in a safe, healing environment! Available by appointment, $75 per hour. To schedule, email us or call 206-940-3104.

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