Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes…

This morning I did something so stupid it really was astounding.  I was on my way home from my delicious 6:30am class, floating on the fluffy cloud of community and sweetness and nectar, searching around for the windshield fluid button, I turned my new (to me) car onto my street when suddenly my sweet neighbor’s mailbox crashed into my passenger side, flew off its post and landed in the bushes…WHAT?  I pulled over, literally feet from my home and took a deep breath.  I ran across the street to talk to my neighbor and then home to break the news.

Wednesdays and Fridays are a little tricky for us.  I teach my early class and hurry home so my husband can zip off to work and I can get our 3 year old ready for her day and then head back to the studio for more classes and privates.  It’s awesome but tight and usually works out just fine. Today my husband was practically vibrating with his need to get on the road and when he saw the dangling rearview mirror on our weeks old car, didn’t react from his highest self.  And guess what, my highest self didn’t represent either.  Morning derailed and it wasn’t even 8:30am yet!

It wasn’t so long ago that an incident like this would have become precious fuel for my inferno of self loathing and mutilation.  I would have used it as an opportunity to dive deep and headfirst into an ego trip to victimhood, I was stupid, couldn’t do anything right, it was just like me to ruin our car, and I wasn’t even worthy of having a nice car in the first place. As soon as I felt a glimmer of happiness or sweetness I would fuck it up.  I could burn up all perspective in a puff of smoke and wisp of ash.  I would have continued my righteous spiral by not answering the phone when my sweet, lovely, loving, best friend husband called to apologize in order to wallow and sulk and pout and feel the badness that was my character.  But today I did answer the phone.  He apologized.  I apologized.  WE laughed!  I took out a mailbox for goodness sakes!!!

My little one and I loaded up and headed out, rear view mirror dangling, hearts open, ready.

I’m not stupid, or unworthy, or even a bad driver for that matter.  I’m a human who tries her best most days and sometimes makes mistakes.

Saturday May 4, 2013

We seem to spend a tremendous amount of time working ourselves, “fixing” ourselves, acknowledging, processing and working through the hurt, anger, fear, wrongdoings that have been done to us or that we have perpetrated against our selves or others.  That is important work; it’s HUGE monumental, life changing work!  But just as important, just as massive just as monumental is the recognition, acknowledgement, and honoring of the sweet stuff; the wins, the beauty moments, the things that are working and flowing in our lives!  Looking into that and seeing it and feeling it as an integral part of who we are is so much more than the frosting on our lives.  It is our lives.  The tiny moments strung together when we can enjoy a struggle free deep breath or the feel of sunlight on our skin, or a child’s smiling face or holding hands with our lover, that changes us and expands us and soothes us and reminds us of the brilliance of our spirits!  So all I’m saying I guess, is take a look, find something sweet in your life today, recognize it, honor it, celebrate it, breathe it in and repeat!

Some Yoga Love!

I’ve been a total blogging slacker!  To start the juices flowing, I thought I’d share a list of some of the many reasons


Yoga teaches compassion and appreciation for the beautiful body you are in right now!

Yoga slowly, but surely softens the hard, crusty, self loathing yuck into something sweeter, softer, more accepting.

Yoga taught me to breathe – I used to feel stuck all the time, rarely being able to sneak in a deep breath.

Yoga can be your companion through any phase in your life.

You can practice when you are ecstatic & you can practice when you are depressed and any place in between.

Yoga asana makes your body strong & supple!

Yoga opens your heart and your mind!

Yoga has made me able to appreciate the exquisite functions of my body and therefore, treat it more kindly.

Yoga has taught me to pause before reacting (most of the time!)

Commitment to your yoga practice can be a dried up, juiceless descipline or it can be a creative, flowing playground!

Ok, so that’s a start!!!


Snow Day Yoga Sequence:)

I’ll be toboggoning down my hill later to teach the 9:30am Intermediate class, but if the snow is keeping you home today, here is a simple yoga sequence to keep you bright, breathing and warmed up for snow shoveling, snowman building, and unspecified amounts of family time…Enjoy!

Start in a comfortable cross legged position 3-5 Deep Breaths

Seated Twist – Bring left hand to right thigh, reach right hand around behind back, fingertips on floor and lengthen from sitting bones all the way through the crown of the head.  Keep chin in line with chest, breathe, relax shoulders down. 3-5 Breaths. Repeat other side.

Cat/Cow – Come to all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips.  Feel for pulling belly up and in to support low back.  Inhale as you scoop your chest forward, exhale as you round spine, pulling belly up and in more – repeat 5-10 breath cycles

Opposite  Arm/Leg Extensions – Start by inhaling & raising opposite arm/opposite leg, reach through fingers and  toes, exhale drawing knee into navel, elbow into knee, pulling belly up and in.  Repeat 6 rounds each side, feeling for creating heat through core & belly.

Downward Facing Dog – From all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips, inhale round spine, relax neck, exhale, curl toes under, reach hips up. Reach gently up through sitting bones and back through heels. Let your head hang and breathe.  Enjoy the change of perspective. 5-10 breaths

Low Lunge – Pulling belly up and in step Right foot forward between hands.  Set back knee down.  Have front foot a few inches ahead of right knee.  Press down through both feet and bend front knee until you feel a gentle awakening throughout left thigh.  Deep breath, open mouth exhale if you like.  3 Breaths

Downward Facing Dog – 3-5 Deep Breaths

Low Lunge – left foot forward 3 Breaths.

Downward Facing Dog – 3-5 Breaths

Childs Pose – Come to all fours, then rest hips back toward heels and forehead to the floor.  Stretch arms forward or back, whatever feel better.

Locust Variations – Come onto belly.  Pelvic tuck – curl pubic bone toward navel- lift arms and stretch back toward sides, lift legs.  Inhale stretch arms forward (like Wonder Woman) keep shoulders on the back, and open legs, exhale stretch arms back and squeeze legs together. Repeat 3-5 Breath Cycles

Rest on Mat, Breathe

Child’s Pose 3-5 breaths

Come onto back, bring knees into chest 3 Breaths

Dead Bug – Hold onto outside edges of feet, draw knees down toward mat, feet face the ceiling, send tailbone, sacrum toward mat.  Breathe

Spinal Twist – Bring knees into chest, exhale knees to the left, open arms wide to either side, look over right shoulder, 3 breaths.  Inhale knees into chest repeat other side.

Savasana – Come back to center, knees into chest deep breath, then stretch out legs and arms, close eyes and rest for as long as you like:)))

P.S.  If you are new to practicing yoga in your home, you may find that the distractions are endless.  This provides the practitioner with AMPLE opportunity to practice letting go and staying present.  So when you become aware of dustbunnies, raisins, lost remote/sock/whatever under your couch, that’s great!  It will still be there when you are done.  When your kids, cat, spouse, dog accost you on your mat, try not to get too frustrated, this is life, and I swear nothing draws life to it like an unrolled yoga mat on the living room floor!  This is a sweet moment to smile, breathe, and go with the flow, but for crying out loud, turn your phone down! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXO


Well since it’s the New Year and we’re all walking around in a resolute way, I thought I would broach the subject of inspriration… 

At some point along the way, all of our beautiful intentions for kindness, peace, and harmony in our lives, and self improvement and good health get bogged down in the mire of waking up every morning to perform a marathon of juggling acts, feats of problem solving, and let’s face it some mundane tasks.  The juice that has kept us going, that has enabled us to put ourselves on our own lists has slowly (or maybe quickly!) leaked away until we’re left dim, gray, uninspired, on the couch, watching reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians, yikes!  This is where the secret weapon of inspiration, the ZIZAP of one thing that gets your blood pumping, can save us in only a heartbeat from a downward spiral into the blah, the apathetic haze of watching our own lives pass us by without presence, awareness, interest, intrigue, curiousity, fun!

Inspiration can come from infinite places; stunning nature, amazing causes, a smile, a moonlit sky, music, whatever-  Personally I need to have an arsenal of inspiration that I can carry around with me and call on as needed.  Sometimes it’s an amazing teacher, or a handstanding feat that gets me going, but something that never ever fails is, Gwen Stefani!  All I have to do is think of her for half a second and I’m ready to go!  First of all, she can bang out about 20 push-ups, sing a song, run up and down on stage, bang out 20 more push ups all while wearing a pink bustier.  Then there’s the fact that she’s a mother and wife, an artist,  business tycoon, and she seems happy, I don’t know for sure, I don’t know her (ok I met her once, but that’s an whole other story), and oh yeah, she’s over 40. 

When I feel dull or like quitting, for an instant I think of the woman in the mini skirt doing push ups on stage with a smile on her face and I’m juiced, ready to try some more in whatever it is, finding compassion, making my way to my mat, being present with my kids, running faster, being sweeter to my sweetie.  So moral of the story, take a minute or two,  feel around and find out what authentincally brightens you, in an instant, what quickens you, gets you participating in your life, so when you feel your mojo draining out of you, you are prepared, and keep on shining!

Yoga Life!

Well, now it is the New Year and I’m hoping there is still a  little space out in the blogosphere for more on the subject of yoga!  Not just asana (the physical stuff), but what it’s like to be attempting to live yoga as a mom, wife, business owner, yoga instructor, and wild woman…so here goes!

Word of today is BREATHE!  And maybe the phrase of today should be “Lessen your Expectation!”  It’s my day off, so you would think it would move at a more leisurely pace, but it’s not so far, in fact it actually feels as though time has sped up and I am hurtling forward and might be approaching warp speed; grocery shopping, check, frig cleaning, check, ruthless closet cleaning, check, meal planning and kitchen cleaning, check, bill paying and emailing, check and check, yes there has been baby snuggling and story reading, but there has also been yogurt smearing and toy dumping.  When I view my life from this breathless vantage, it doesn’t look so hot.  The list of things that haven’t been done is still far longer than the things that have been done.  When the sun shines in through my kitchen window on this kind of day all I can think is how dirty the windows are, and that my friends, doesn’t work for me!  To top it all off our bodies respond to these very non-life threatening stresses the same way our ancestors bodies responded to getting chased by a bear or tiger, fight or flight, adrenaline, cortisol, stress, oxidation, blah blah blah.

Time for a yoga vitamin, a huge deep breath, followed by at least 10 more.  Time to stop for a sec and tune in and feel how my heart and mind are racing, time to make a choice about how I operate.  Will having all these expectations about this day actually bring me and my loved ones more peace and happiness?  Now I’m not advocating quitting paying your bills and cleaning your refrigerator, I’m just saying geesh!  Let’s practice awareness, let’s create less stress for ourselves, let’s tend our own fires so we don’t burn out!  How do we do that?  Breathing deep, quieting down, performing our tasks with mindfulness (aka not multi-tasking!) and commiting to the practice, beacause learning these skills does take practice, lots and lots of practice:)))  BREATHE & Have a Beautiful Day!!!