Saturday May 4, 2013

We seem to spend a tremendous amount of time working ourselves, “fixing” ourselves, acknowledging, processing and working through the hurt, anger, fear, wrongdoings that have been done to us or that we have perpetrated against our selves or others.  That is important work; it’s HUGE monumental, life changing work!  But just as important, just as massive just as monumental is the recognition, acknowledgement, and honoring of the sweet stuff; the wins, the beauty moments, the things that are working and flowing in our lives!  Looking into that and seeing it and feeling it as an integral part of who we are is so much more than the frosting on our lives.  It is our lives.  The tiny moments strung together when we can enjoy a struggle free deep breath or the feel of sunlight on our skin, or a child’s smiling face or holding hands with our lover, that changes us and expands us and soothes us and reminds us of the brilliance of our spirits!  So all I’m saying I guess, is take a look, find something sweet in your life today, recognize it, honor it, celebrate it, breathe it in and repeat!

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