Some Yoga Love!

I’ve been a total blogging slacker!  To start the juices flowing, I thought I’d share a list of some of the many reasons


Yoga teaches compassion and appreciation for the beautiful body you are in right now!

Yoga slowly, but surely softens the hard, crusty, self loathing yuck into something sweeter, softer, more accepting.

Yoga taught me to breathe – I used to feel stuck all the time, rarely being able to sneak in a deep breath.

Yoga can be your companion through any phase in your life.

You can practice when you are ecstatic & you can practice when you are depressed and any place in between.

Yoga asana makes your body strong & supple!

Yoga opens your heart and your mind!

Yoga has made me able to appreciate the exquisite functions of my body and therefore, treat it more kindly.

Yoga has taught me to pause before reacting (most of the time!)

Commitment to your yoga practice can be a dried up, juiceless descipline or it can be a creative, flowing playground!

Ok, so that’s a start!!!


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