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Well, now it is the New Year and I’m hoping there is still a  little space out in the blogosphere for more on the subject of yoga!  Not just asana (the physical stuff), but what it’s like to be attempting to live yoga as a mom, wife, business owner, yoga instructor, and wild woman…so here goes!

Word of today is BREATHE!  And maybe the phrase of today should be “Lessen your Expectation!”  It’s my day off, so you would think it would move at a more leisurely pace, but it’s not so far, in fact it actually feels as though time has sped up and I am hurtling forward and might be approaching warp speed; grocery shopping, check, frig cleaning, check, ruthless closet cleaning, check, meal planning and kitchen cleaning, check, bill paying and emailing, check and check, yes there has been baby snuggling and story reading, but there has also been yogurt smearing and toy dumping.  When I view my life from this breathless vantage, it doesn’t look so hot.  The list of things that haven’t been done is still far longer than the things that have been done.  When the sun shines in through my kitchen window on this kind of day all I can think is how dirty the windows are, and that my friends, doesn’t work for me!  To top it all off our bodies respond to these very non-life threatening stresses the same way our ancestors bodies responded to getting chased by a bear or tiger, fight or flight, adrenaline, cortisol, stress, oxidation, blah blah blah.

Time for a yoga vitamin, a huge deep breath, followed by at least 10 more.  Time to stop for a sec and tune in and feel how my heart and mind are racing, time to make a choice about how I operate.  Will having all these expectations about this day actually bring me and my loved ones more peace and happiness?  Now I’m not advocating quitting paying your bills and cleaning your refrigerator, I’m just saying geesh!  Let’s practice awareness, let’s create less stress for ourselves, let’s tend our own fires so we don’t burn out!  How do we do that?  Breathing deep, quieting down, performing our tasks with mindfulness (aka not multi-tasking!) and commiting to the practice, beacause learning these skills does take practice, lots and lots of practice:)))  BREATHE & Have a Beautiful Day!!!

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