Snow Day Yoga Sequence:)

I’ll be toboggoning down my hill later to teach the 9:30am Intermediate class, but if the snow is keeping you home today, here is a simple yoga sequence to keep you bright, breathing and warmed up for snow shoveling, snowman building, and unspecified amounts of family time…Enjoy!

Start in a comfortable cross legged position 3-5 Deep Breaths

Seated Twist – Bring left hand to right thigh, reach right hand around behind back, fingertips on floor and lengthen from sitting bones all the way through the crown of the head.  Keep chin in line with chest, breathe, relax shoulders down. 3-5 Breaths. Repeat other side.

Cat/Cow – Come to all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips.  Feel for pulling belly up and in to support low back.  Inhale as you scoop your chest forward, exhale as you round spine, pulling belly up and in more – repeat 5-10 breath cycles

Opposite  Arm/Leg Extensions – Start by inhaling & raising opposite arm/opposite leg, reach through fingers and  toes, exhale drawing knee into navel, elbow into knee, pulling belly up and in.  Repeat 6 rounds each side, feeling for creating heat through core & belly.

Downward Facing Dog – From all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips, inhale round spine, relax neck, exhale, curl toes under, reach hips up. Reach gently up through sitting bones and back through heels. Let your head hang and breathe.  Enjoy the change of perspective. 5-10 breaths

Low Lunge – Pulling belly up and in step Right foot forward between hands.  Set back knee down.  Have front foot a few inches ahead of right knee.  Press down through both feet and bend front knee until you feel a gentle awakening throughout left thigh.  Deep breath, open mouth exhale if you like.  3 Breaths

Downward Facing Dog – 3-5 Deep Breaths

Low Lunge – left foot forward 3 Breaths.

Downward Facing Dog – 3-5 Breaths

Childs Pose – Come to all fours, then rest hips back toward heels and forehead to the floor.  Stretch arms forward or back, whatever feel better.

Locust Variations – Come onto belly.  Pelvic tuck – curl pubic bone toward navel- lift arms and stretch back toward sides, lift legs.  Inhale stretch arms forward (like Wonder Woman) keep shoulders on the back, and open legs, exhale stretch arms back and squeeze legs together. Repeat 3-5 Breath Cycles

Rest on Mat, Breathe

Child’s Pose 3-5 breaths

Come onto back, bring knees into chest 3 Breaths

Dead Bug – Hold onto outside edges of feet, draw knees down toward mat, feet face the ceiling, send tailbone, sacrum toward mat.  Breathe

Spinal Twist – Bring knees into chest, exhale knees to the left, open arms wide to either side, look over right shoulder, 3 breaths.  Inhale knees into chest repeat other side.

Savasana – Come back to center, knees into chest deep breath, then stretch out legs and arms, close eyes and rest for as long as you like:)))

P.S.  If you are new to practicing yoga in your home, you may find that the distractions are endless.  This provides the practitioner with AMPLE opportunity to practice letting go and staying present.  So when you become aware of dustbunnies, raisins, lost remote/sock/whatever under your couch, that’s great!  It will still be there when you are done.  When your kids, cat, spouse, dog accost you on your mat, try not to get too frustrated, this is life, and I swear nothing draws life to it like an unrolled yoga mat on the living room floor!  This is a sweet moment to smile, breathe, and go with the flow, but for crying out loud, turn your phone down! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXO

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