Well since it’s the New Year and we’re all walking around in a resolute way, I thought I would broach the subject of inspriration… 

At some point along the way, all of our beautiful intentions for kindness, peace, and harmony in our lives, and self improvement and good health get bogged down in the mire of waking up every morning to perform a marathon of juggling acts, feats of problem solving, and let’s face it some mundane tasks.  The juice that has kept us going, that has enabled us to put ourselves on our own lists has slowly (or maybe quickly!) leaked away until we’re left dim, gray, uninspired, on the couch, watching reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians, yikes!  This is where the secret weapon of inspiration, the ZIZAP of one thing that gets your blood pumping, can save us in only a heartbeat from a downward spiral into the blah, the apathetic haze of watching our own lives pass us by without presence, awareness, interest, intrigue, curiousity, fun!

Inspiration can come from infinite places; stunning nature, amazing causes, a smile, a moonlit sky, music, whatever-  Personally I need to have an arsenal of inspiration that I can carry around with me and call on as needed.  Sometimes it’s an amazing teacher, or a handstanding feat that gets me going, but something that never ever fails is, Gwen Stefani!  All I have to do is think of her for half a second and I’m ready to go!  First of all, she can bang out about 20 push-ups, sing a song, run up and down on stage, bang out 20 more push ups all while wearing a pink bustier.  Then there’s the fact that she’s a mother and wife, an artist,  business tycoon, and she seems happy, I don’t know for sure, I don’t know her (ok I met her once, but that’s an whole other story), and oh yeah, she’s over 40. 

When I feel dull or like quitting, for an instant I think of the woman in the mini skirt doing push ups on stage with a smile on her face and I’m juiced, ready to try some more in whatever it is, finding compassion, making my way to my mat, being present with my kids, running faster, being sweeter to my sweetie.  So moral of the story, take a minute or two,  feel around and find out what authentincally brightens you, in an instant, what quickens you, gets you participating in your life, so when you feel your mojo draining out of you, you are prepared, and keep on shining!

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