Sara Tharrington

Sara bio picFor me yoga is an indescribable joy that permeates every aspect of my life – my relationships, the way I drive, the way I walk, or even just stand in line at the grocery store.

My passion is helping others find that spark and remember/reconnect to the beauty and brightness that is already within, through movement, breath work, deepened awareness, and play! For me stepping onto the path of yoga has been a magical journey of self-discovery, healing and delight. Yoga has helped me navigate motherhood and over 20 years of life’s ups and downs.

I have had the great privilege to study with amazing yoga teachers such as Kelley Rush, Ana Forrest and Shiva Rea. In 2001 I completed a transformational and rigorous Teacher’s Training with Ana Forrest. In August of 2012 I completed Ana Forrest’s intense Advanced Teacher’s Training, and in Spring 2014 Seane Corn’s Off the Mat into the World Training. It is my cherished belief that the connections and community of friends we develop through this yoga practice of self discovery and love will manifest a brighter world for us all…

Cami LeBlanc

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Cami connected with yoga after experiencing its therapeutic effects. She had lived with back and shoulder pain her whole life trying many different methods to alleviate her pain. After having 4 kids, she took her first yoga class and found relief both in mind and body. This experience propelled her to attain her 200 hour teacher training through Yoga Fit International and recently her 500 hour advanced teacher training through Essential Yoga Therapy under the direction of Robin Rothenberg. She plans to continue her yoga therapy training next Fall through Essential Yoga Therapy where she will become a Yoga Therapist by 2020. With the addition of being a Registered Dietitian with Masters in Exercise Science she is looking to round out her wellness foundation with yoga therapy. By doing so she hopes to work with both healthy and health challenged students to alleviate pain and nourish the body and mind.

Cami teaches with a subtle yet trans-formative approach supporting her students to develop an awareness of body, mind and breath. She utilizes yoga tools including movement, breath work, mantra, mudras and meditation guiding each student to a deeper level of being. Her ultimate intention for each student is to bring yoga from the mat and into their daily lives.

Cami takes yoga into her daily life where she loves spending time with her husband and four kids hiking, swimming and watching her kids play sports. She also gardens and keeps bees.

Beth Moon

BethMy passion for Yoga began with the birth of my children.  I discovered how wonderful it felt to have the space to move, breath, and reflect during the challenging times of pregnancy, post-partum, and early parenthood.

Since that time I have slowly evolved my love of Yoga, both as a student and as an instructor.  Yoga has been a way for me to stay fit, reconnect with my mental, physical, and emotional self, and find a quiet respite in a busy world.

As an instructor I have found enjoyment in encouraging students of all levels to move forward with their practice.  I feel that each class provides an opportunity to become more connected with our own strength, our emotional selves, our breath, and a joyous expression of who we truly are.

Melissa Kimbrel


Melissa was hooked by the end of her first yoga class in 2011.  Initially coming to yoga for the physical activity, she discovered very quickly that yoga is different from other athletic practices.  She was amazed by the awareness that focusing on the poses and breath brought to her. Yoga brought peace and ease where there used to be worry and discontent.  It helped her to shift her naturally anxious nature to embrace a lighter, more joyful side of life. Using her breath and focus to survive the intensity of a pose also gave her a sense of strength and self-empowerment.  For Melissa, yoga is about staying present and embracing everything that makes us human. The work she puts in on the mat continues to set the tone for other aspects of her life, providing acceptance of body and mind, greater aliveness, and a general sense of well-being.

Melissa hopes to create a space for others to explore their strength and playfulness with room to breathe by encouraging students to listen to their bodies and follow their own path through their practice.

Melissa earned her 200 hour certification from Leela Yoga in Bothell, WA in 2017.

When she’s not sweating on her yoga mat, Melissa loves to hike with her family, read as many books as possible, and to make room for some acroyoga playtime.

Joan Shure

Joan has practiced and studied many lineages of yoga over the years, including Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Bhakti, Restorative, and Nada Yoga, the yoga of Sound.

“I came to Yoga looking for physical toning, but the inner growth is what has kept me on this beautiful journey; Yoga has helped me with stress relief, feeling more at home in my body, developing focus, strength, confidence, awareness, compassion, and peace. It is my utmost pleasure to be able to share this most valuable and meaningful path.”

Michelle Gorman

Michelle Gorman

Yoga has been the absolute core of who I am and who I am always striving to be. Children naturally possess the gift of healing through laughter, joy and the purest of love. My desire is to teach children beautiful coping techniques, breathing exercises and yoga poses that open the mind, body and spirit all while having fun! I so look forward to practicing with and learning from all the amazing little people and families in our wonderful yoga community. Namaste!



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